Bocas is a small archipelago in tune with the times.
Several delivery services have tried their luck in Bocas in recent years without success.
Help us keep this service alive by being generous with the tip.
Tipping is part of Panamanian culture, thank you for respecting it.

Their fees are minimal.
Add a tip of 10% of the total bill or a MINIMUM of $2 per delivery.

For home delivery of any kind, grocery, pharmacy,
and restaurants that do not offer delivery service,
TDE is here to serve you. friendly and fast.

Tuesday to Sunday
From 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

From 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Don't forget to give your name.


Renny's Pizza & Burger

In our opinion, the best pizza in town! Homemade dough and authentic Italian flavors for 8 or 16 pizza slices. Renny also offers excellent burgers! Available for delivery, or on-site. Located in the city center, at the very end of the main street, before the ferry, at the foot of the Gran Hotel Bahía.

Don't be cheap.

Give the delivery person a minimum tip of $2.

Don't forget to give your name.

The Wings House

Delicious fried chicken wings, house specialty! To be enjoyed on delivery or on-site in the restaurant located on 6th street.
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+507 6771-4550 

Bocas Sushi

A Panamanian chef who excels in the preparation of delicious sushi! Traditional flavors mixed with a bit of Caribbean touch for a presentation worthy of a piece of art. It's delicate, succulent, and generous! Delivery only.

Don't forget to give your name.


At the heart of different influences, Bocas offers an exclusive and original dinning experience. If most local gastronomy revolves around rice and chicken, many local specialties will delight you: freshly caught fish, crabs or lobsters, exotic fruits, and coconut. Try the famous “salsa picante bocatoreña”, one of a few. In short, get ready to treat yourself in a typical way! Here is a list of our favorite restaurants that offer delicious meals.
For information, local restaurants are usually open during the day only.

Chikita Beach

A delicious typical Caribbean menu. Choice of meat or fish, fried or in sauce, served with rice or french fries and salad.


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A classic in Bocas! Frequented by locals as by tourists alike, this restaurant offers classic Caribbean cuisine.

+507 6776-9280 

Pollo Rosti

An excellent choice for those with big appetites! During the day, the menu offers local dishes. In the evening, enjoy the famous Rosti Pollo, a delicious Panamanian-style roast chicken accompanied by french fries or fried plantain bananas, the "patacones".

+507 760-9875