Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself on a postcard kind of beach? In Bocas del Toro, you are not dreaming; these beaches are real! Each one is more beautiful than the other; all the beaches have their particularity, making each one unique in its own way. Peaceful, wild, quiet, atmospheric, isolated, or crowded... There is a beach for all tastes in the archipelago. In addition to their authentic beauty, they are always lined with lush vegetation; green colors decline in all their tones. Plants, trees, and palm trees form the jungle and the tropical forest by the sea. You can discover these magnificent beaches on Isla Colón, the main island, and Isla Carenero and Isla Bastimentos. If you go to the Zapatillas Islands, virgin beaches await you… The most beautiful in the archipelago. Take the bus just 5 minutes walk from the house or, even better, board a water taxi that picks you up directly at the house and takes you anywhere in the archipelago.
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Playa de Boca del Drago

Boca del Drago - Isla Colon
Located on the same coast as Playa Estrella, Boca del Drago is a quiet little village where the bus drops you off at the end of the island. The beach is much less crowded than Playa Estrella but a bit more lively with some waves. Bars and restaurants await you there. Boca del Drago will charm you with its tranquility and beauty.

How to get there:
By electric bike: our top pick for a day trip. The route there is simply stunning. You'll encounter various animals, and the vegetation is superb.

Visit our bike rental page to see prices.

By traditional bike: for those in good shape, as the path is long and hilly (1.5 hours).
By bus: 40 minutes, $5 round trip.
By boat from the house: $20 per person round trip.
By taxi: $40 round trip.

Playa Estrella

Starfish Beach - Colon Island

The most typical of Bocas beaches. This small beach without waves is simply magical. You can sip your coconut rum served directly in its nut, sitting in the water surrounded by starfish. Several restaurants and bars with music await you there for a guaranteed atmosphere. The beach can be loud and busy on weekends.
IMPORTANT: many visitors are tempted to take a picture with a starfish... not knowing that this sublime creature only survives three seconds out of the water! Let's avoid this deadly practice and leave the starfish alone in their natural environment. Thanks for them!

How to get there :
By bus: from the park downtown, the bus will first drop you off at the small village of Boca del Drago. Then you can either walk (25 minutes - recommended) or take the water taxi (2 minutes - 1$50). Do not hesitate to go there on foot! The trail bordering the sea and the jungle is one of the most beautiful that we have seen in Bocas. Tiny beaches await you for a dip along the way and, above all, keep your eyes peeled… you might even spot dolphins!

Bluff Beach

Bluff Beach - Colon Island

Do you like walking on a virgin beach? Bluff is for you. More than 7km of golden sand, powerful waves, and wild nature await you... This beach is simply sublime and spectacular. She is the favorite of surfers. Its natural beauty will amaze you.

Attention! Do not venture there for a swim, the currents are very violent.

How to get there :
By bike: 30 minutes (recommended)
By electric bike: 20 minutes / Visit our bike rental page to see prices.

By bus: 40 minutes, $7 round trip
By taxi: $40 round trip 

La Playa de Carenero

Bibi’s beach – Carenero island

As soon as you get off the “lancha”, you will be immediately seduced by the turquoise color of the water. The captain will drop you on a long dock leading to the beach: very small but so friendly and lively, lined with elegant palm trees with its shallow waters. Perfect for sipping a good cocktail or walking to the rocks in the distance. A few restaurants are located there. I advise you to walk about ten minutes on the beach to discover an equally charming little beach (la playita). The vegetation there is magnificent and unique.

How to get there :
By boat: 15 minutes from the house, $5 per person (minimum of two people) (recommended)
By boat: 2 minutes from downtown Bocas, $2 per person 

Red Frog Beach

Bastimentos National Parc – Bastimentos island

One of the most popular beaches in the archipelago, and for a good reason. You will have to cross the jungle on a well-laid and safe path (15 minutes). Take the time to look around you. You may spot sloths, parrots, and even caimans…not to mention the wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants along the way. You will hear the waves calling you for a swim. Attention! They can be dangerous. Always check the flag indicating the dangerousness. Want to find a little spot just for you? Carefree. Red Frog is vast and made of many little areas to recharge your batteries. You will also find a few restaurants and bars there.

How to get there :
By boat: 15 minutes from the house, $16 per person round trip (minimum of two people) (recommended)
By boat: 10 minutes from downtown Bocas, $12 to $16 per person round trip
Entrance fees are $5 per person. 

Polo Beach

Bastimentos National Parc - Bastimentos island

One of our favorites. Certainly not the most touristy beach in Bocas, but one of the most beautiful in the archipelago. Polo Beach owes its name to the only inhabitant to live there. If you are lucky, Polo will prepare you a deliciously fresh lobster. Otherwise, plan a picnic instead. Located in the Bastimentos Maritime National Park, on the island of the same name, Polo Beach is known to be difficult to access, both by sea and by land. The surrounding jungle is dense and wild, and the turquoise waters facing it are ideal for a memorable snorkeling session. If you have the opportunity to go to Polo Beach for the day, don't miss it!

How to get there :
By boat: 30 minutes, $25 per person (minimum of four people)
On foot: 45 minutes walk from Red Frog Beach


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