If the archipelago is mainly accessible by boat, Colon Island offers an entirely different spectacle by land. Leisurely with your head in the clouds or at full speed for a good dose of adrenaline, various types of transport to rent are available on the island, guaranteeing you a unique experience.

Here is a list of places we recommend for renting your favorite means of transport. You will undoubtedly find others on the island. Base your rental choice not on the price but rather on the quality of the equipment. If you face any difficulties, your wallet will probably be the victim of the return with the taxi... and your mood too!

Ixa Bicicleta Bike Rental

In Bocas, the bicycle is the ultimate means of transport. Here, we forget the speed and performance of mountain bikes. These are beach cruisers of all colors that roam the streets of Bocas. An authentic Caribbean shot! Observe the relaxed attitude of the locals to adopt your cruising speed. Bike rides are an absolute pleasure: all paths lend themselves to it and are a pleasant way to get to know local life a little better. And above all, don't forget that the brakes are used with a pedal stroke, backward!

Omnia rental bikes

Near the house at the restaurant - bar Omnia, opposite Tony's supermarket.

The equipment is new and seems to be of very good quality. 

Bocas E-Bikes

Spending the day on an E-bike will undoubtedly offer you magnificent memories. It is also the best way to discover the island in our opinion! We recommend it without hesitation. With Bocas E-bikes, we guarantee you the best prices and bikes in excellent condition. Thanks to their new batteries, you can go to Playa Estrella and then to Bluff Beach in a single day. And all this without even getting tired! 

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Another original way to discover the surroundings, more exciting this time! Quads are perfect for adventure and extreme enthusiasts. You can rent them in different shops, depending on the places you want to visit.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to Bluff Beach by quad, you will have to use the trails along the beach. Indeed, it is FORBIDDEN to drive ON THE BEACH. The area is a protected zone because the turtles are laying their eggs there. Motor vehicles on the beach can destroy their eggs' nests and disrupt their reproductive cycle. The turtles thank you!

Flying Pirates

Flying Pirates offers bicycles, e-bikes, and quads for rent. What will you choose? Located at the entrance to Playa Paunch and adjacent to the Skullys bar-restaurant, Flying Pirates also offers access to exclusive paths leading to La Piscina and the Blue Lagoon. If you creep, you may come across a family of howler monkeys! 

Xtreme Bocas

Xtreme Bocas offers electric bikes, quads, and golf carts for rent. It is located at "la Y", at the intersection with Bluff on one side and Drago on the other. 

Bocas Carts

There are no golf courses in Bocas yet, but we already have golf carts! A great way to get around the city by road, at the pace of Bocas.

Golf Cart Rental is located close to our house, on the opposite side of Tony's supermarket. It offers you different rental formulas according to your needs.

Phone: +507 6324-6828


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