Who could believe that such a small island in the Caribbean of Panama, is full of so many culinary treasures? Get ready to meet with flavors, talent, and passion in the archipelago. Be surprised by the variety and quality of cuisine in Bocas del Toro. We've put together a little list of our favorite restaurants just for you.

Several restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Take a few minutes to verify before you go.

El Ultimo Refugio

Avenue G, before downtown -

Terrace over the water

A menu constantly reinvented around local ingredients. This restaurant on the water offers you an ultimate sunset view in a warm atmosphere. Be careful; you might risk succumbing to delicious cocktails... A must in Bocas. 

Coco Fastronomy

Hotel Bocas del Toro, - Calle 1 - downtown -

Terrace over the water.

Coco Fastronomy is the house of Bapé, an original recipe for filled fried bread, developed and registered by Marine, chef, and owner of French origin. She also offers other dishes with exquisite flavors at all prices - an excellent choice for dining in the city center on the waterfront.

Pan e Vino

Av. E Nte. In front of the Municipal Palace -


This typical Italian trattoria welcomes you on its second-floor balcony, offering a pleasant view of the city center. The Italian chef prepares his authentic cuisine with love for a reasonable price, all this served with a smile.


Av. F Nte and Calle 5 - a street corner of the national bank

Octo is a renowned Panamanian chef who offers a succulent Caribbean-style grill menu. Original, divine, and exclusively local flavors. While waiting for your dish, let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of island music in a rustic and intimate setting.

Arboloco / Closed for the season.

On the way to Paunch Beach, after Paki Point.

Go to Arboloco for a unique experience! Spectacular Afro-Caribbean cuisine, always prepared with fresh and local products. You are served in a half-indoor, half-outdoor garden with a fireplace to finish your meal. The decor is original and crazy, as the name suggests. Next to the restaurant is their store of handmade crafts, decorations, and souvenirs. Located in Paunch, about 15 minutes by taxi from the city center. 

Bibi's On The Beach

A classic in Bocas that offers seafood, ceviche, and happy hour from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The decor is worthy of a postcard. Bibi’s is, by far, BarrBra’s favorite in the whole archipelago! On Sunday, it's the Sunday Funday mood which will entertain you with DJs and live music. Try the Bibi’s experience on the beach of the beautiful Carenero island, just two minutes by boat from Colon Island. 

Receta Michila

Carenero Island -

on the beach.

A small cozy restaurant with cultural flavors, where you can enjoy an aperitif in a deckchair with your feet in the water. On Sunday, enjoy different grilled set menu throughout the afternoon. Located by the beach on the beautiful Carenero island, one minute from the center by water taxi. 

Fincas y Estancias

At the end of the main street -

downtown - terrace on the street.

Located in the city center with a terrace on the street, this Argentinian restaurant offers finely chosen products, including meat, wine, and cheese. The bar offers a wide range of carefully crafted cocktails. A pleasant and chic setting for a good time with family or friends. 

Raw fusion

Neighbor of Hotel Bocas del Toro, Calle 1 - downtown - second floor, terrace over the water.

Sushi, fish, and local ingredients are accompanied by delicious cocktails overlooking the ocean from a pretty terrace on the second floor. You will not be disappointed!