Bocas del Toro is a tiny piece of paradise of only 250 square km in area. However, the relationship between the size of the archipelago and the number of wonders to discover is fascinating. Beaches, wild jungle, idyllic landscapes, animals of different species, water or land activities, culinary specialties, medicinal plants, crafts... The list is long, and holidaymakers are spoiled when it comes to deciding where to start to discover this part of the Panamanian Caribbean... Opting for a guided and organized excursion is also an excellent way to visit Bocas del Toro, even if it is possible to visit many places yourself. At BarrBra, we have selected the best activities to make your stay an authentic trip full of adventures, discoveries, and unforgettable local experiences. We collaborate with local guides with expert knowledge of the islands and their treasures, who accompany you in English and Spanish throughout the tours. And above all, no hassle: we organize everything for you and according to your tastes. These are your holidays... All you have to do is enjoy it!

Cayo Zapatilla

The best of the best tour in Bocas: visit the Zapatillas Islands. The excursion begins with Dolphin Bay. A simply magnificent place to experience dolphins in their natural environment. If they're in the mood, they might come jump and play near you! If you see them from a distance, it is an equally captivating sight. On the way to Zapatilla, you stop for a snorkeling session, where you can observe corals and many marine species. Then the boat drops you off at Zapatilla. A deserted and completely virgin island with transparent waters, fine sand, and an ocean as far as the eye can see... It is literally paradise on earth! Beach lovers will land to enjoy the scenery and the sun, while adventurers can tour the island walking. Your next stop is Cayo Coral. A place where you can enjoy, among other things, a tasty fresh fish in a restaurant lost in the middle of nowhere, entirely surrounded by water (à la carte, price not included in the excursion). And that's not all! The expedition continues with discovering the sloths' island and Hollywood, where many starfish have decided to take residence. Finally, on the way back, you will travel through the National Maritime Park of Bastimentos. You will criss-cross between hundreds of mangrove islands with, in the background, a breathtaking sunset and a feeling of immense gratitude for the adventure you have just experienced. One of the most beautiful days of your vacation awaits you!
Duration: all-day
Price: $35

Playa Estrella and Isla Pajaros

A perfect excursion for birdwatchers! Bird Island, or Swan's Cay, is a small rocky island located on the north coast of Bocas and covered with abundant lush vegetation. Its small size, about 70 meters long and 55 meters high at its highest point, does not prevent it from being home to thousands of birds. It is a true tropical bird sanctuary! Here you can see the Red-billed Chough, known for its long tail feathers, in its only nesting place in all of Panama. Bird Island is also home to other species such as brown booby, brown pelican, frigatebird, and much more. A guide accompanies you to provide you with as much information about this fascinating island and its inhabitants. The island can only be visited by boat. After this magnificent discovery, your captain sets sail for the quiet little village of Boca del Drago. A sublime walk on a path bordered by the coast and wild jungle takes you to Starfish Beach. An utterly magical beach with a 100% Caribbean atmosphere. A little treasure to spend the afternoon and end an incredible day!
Duration: all-day
Price: $25

Oreba Chocolate Tour

The Chocolate Tour takes you to the small indigenous Ngöbé community of Rio Oeste Arriba, on the outskirts of Almirante. There, you will learn everything about this mystical fruit that is cocoa! The tour is divided into several parts. First, your local guide expert in nature and botany, takes you on a tour of the cocoa plantation. He introduces you to the fruits, flowers, and medicinal plants that the community uses daily throughout the walk. Then, the guide will explain everything there is to know about cocoa: the different varieties of the fruit, its origins, its conservation, and its uses. Finally, women from the community will be waiting for you under a small straw roof to familiarize you with their art of making chocolate. From opening the fruit to the roasting of its seeds, you will witness all the stages of the production of chocolate, this world-renowned culinary delight. In summary, an educational, authentic, and 100% local excursion.

How to get there: Meet at Pana Bocas (formerly Taxi 25) in the city center, where your guide will meet you to take the boat to Almirante (25 minutes). Then a taxi takes you to the small village of the community in the heart of the valley (15 minutes).

Included: a small snack

Duration: 4 hours (departure 9:00 am or 1:00 pm)

Price: $35 + $10 for transportation to Almirante


An absolutely unique adventure! The Sea Trek® Tour takes you for a walk on a marked trail and visits the ruins of a ship. Originality? Your little stroll takes place at the bottom of the sea! Yes, you read that well! The Sea Trek® is an innovative helmet that covers your head and shoulders. It keeps your face dry while supplying you with continuous oxygen, allowing you, by its weight, to walk quietly under the surface of the water. In short, an underwater walk, but as if it was in the air! Fish of all colors accompany you in an incredible aquatic setting. An experience you will never forget!

Note: The excursion begins with an informative session relating to the descent into the water, breathing techniques, basic diving communication signs, etc. A guide also accompanies you throughout the walk. A safe adventure!

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $70

Bat Cave Tour

Are you not afraid of adventure, mud, and the mysteries of darkness? So, let yourself be engulfed in this special tour and discover the most spectacular cave of the archipelago located in Baya Honda, on Bastimentos island. In the bay, it is aboard a canoe that you advance slowly in the middle of the mangrove, which meanders little by little inside the island in an Amazon kind of scenery. Be careful; sloths, monkeys, caimans, snakes, spiders, and red frogs will likely come across. You reach a small indigenous village where resides the Ngöbé-Buglé Community, guardians of the cave. This is where your guide awaits you and accompanies you for a 15-minute walk in the heart of the jungle, which will take you to the entrance of the Nivida cave. With your feet in the water, you rush into the twilight, with hundreds of bats above your head. More profound passages are mandatory to venture even further into the cave... Sometimes with water up to your neck! The bravest may dare to jump from a rock into a natural pool almost three meters deep in a particular atmosphere of total darkness. A challenge for some, a pleasure for others! Either way, this adventure will give you thrills and allow you to get to know Bocas in a truly unique way!
How to get there: by boat from BarrBra (25 minutes)
Included: a head flashlight and boots
Duration: 4 hours
Price: $65 (price includes transport BarrBra and entrance to the cave).


During this excursion, nature will show you the magic of its talents! Bioluminescence is the creation of light by a living organism due to a biochemical reaction. Plankton, which is made up of microorganisms, can emit this light and, thus, glow in the dark. It is, therefore, this time as a nocturnal adventurer that you go in search of these living beings in the waters of Bocas. Luckily, your captain knows all the secret places where they can be found... and offer their visitors this magical spectacle. It is an extraordinary visual phenomenon to see thousands of tiny points of light suddenly light up all around you. And you will experience it in your own flesh when, at the end of the excursion, you will have the privilege of swimming in these magical waters. An unforgettable night!
Private tour from the house
Duration: 2 hours
Price: $30 (price per person – minimum of two people)


Horseback riding in the archipelago is indeed possible! Two horseback rides are available for you to discover the magnificent surroundings. One is located in Bluff, on the main island, and the other one takes you to discover the paths of San Cristobal Island (25 minutes by boat from the city center). Let us know if you're a horse lover, and we'll be happy to provide you with more information!