Many of the practical aspects of local life are often considered by thoughtful and far-sighted travelers when planning their next adventure. Withdrawal of money, exchange office, or even medical care... This section provides you with practical information and tips relating to money and health in Bocas.

Bank and exchange

Bank: There is only one bank in the Bocas Archipelago. It is the "Banco Nacional,” equipped with three ATMs and located in the center of downtown Bocas, one block from the Municipality. There are two other distributors that you will find in the shopping streets of the city center.
Currency exchange: The airport shop is the only business to offer a currency exchange service in Bocas. It doesn't seem to open regularly since the pandemic. Therefore, we recommend not relying on foreign currencies to pay your expenses in Bocas!

Tip n°1 : Panamanians receive their salary every fortnight. Try not to make your withdrawals around the 15th and 31st of each month to avoid lines!

Tip n°2 : Due to frequent power cuts, most local businesses are not equipped to receive credit card payments. Plan ahead and make sure you can always pay in cash!

Tip n°3 : Each withdrawal is taxed $5.25 by the Panamanian banking administration and is capped at $250. Plan accordingly to make the most of our Caribbean paradise!