To get to the BarrBra from the airport or from the taxi boat from Almirante.

By taxi or collective bus.
5 minutes - $2 per person

Ask the taxi driver to drop you off at the BarrBra BnB or at Saigon adentro.

(at the end of the road of Tony's Super Market)
Follow the BarrBra signs.

By Walking:
Be careful, it is very hot during the day in Bocas.
The trip will take you 20 to 30 minutes.

Don't be surprised if your taxi already has passengers on board or stops along the way.

In Bocas, taxis are shared to save trips and serve as many people as possible.



This is the information to come home

Ask the taxi driver to drop you at BARRBRA BNB / SAIGON ADENTRO (at the end of the street of Tony's market). Once you get there, get out the taxi, and take the paved walkway on your LEFT.

2: Go straight ahead until the end of the path. You will be in front of a grey house.
3: Turn to your right, and then left right away, to pass in front of the little blue house that you will find to your right.
4: After you passed in front of the blue house you turn to your right and you will be on the dock.
5: Once you are on the dock keep to your left, go straight ahead until the end of the dock You will find BarrbraBnB to your right.
6: Welcome home ;)