The aquatic universe of Bocas del Toro is full of splendors and riches of all sizes, shapes, and colors. The entire archipelago comprises an infinite number of sites perfect for snorkeling and diving, some going up to 20 meters deep. Each place is unique in biodiversity and environment due to its location and currents. A true underwater paradise for lovers of underwater adventure!

The most beautiful encounters await you in the sea: corals, colorful sponges, fish, crabs, seahorses, rays, and even some sharks... No wonder Bocas del Toro is recognized worldwide for its biological diversity.

Beyond sea creatures, you can also explore unusual places, such as ruins of sunken ships, caves, and incredibly colorful reefs.

The calm and transparent waters and the blue sky of the beautiful days will offer you optimal conditions for an unforgettable experience! 


Panama Dive school

On the island of Carenero 

Diving Pirates

In downtown Bocas, near 3R Mall

Divers Paradise Boutique Hotel

In downtown Bocas, near the ferry

La Buga Dive & Surf

In downtown Bocas, on the main street 


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“Bocas del Toro, Panama, is one of the top up-and-coming surf destinations in the world. Although it has been discovered for a long time now, Bocas has yet to see true mass tourism and development. There are still uncrowded waves to be found, and it is much cheaper than many other destinations in the Caribbean. There are also not many other places on this side of the planet where taking a boat to surf is the main form of transportation. In just a few minutes after leaving your dock, you can be at one of the many different breaks throughout the archipelago. Bocas has every type of wave you could want, and there is something for every skill level. Throw in 80-degree air and water temperatures, a lush tropical landscape, and a super laid-back vibe. You have a true surfer’s paradise!”

Reference: Bocas Breeze


Mono Loco surf school

Calle 2, in front of the park

Escuela del mar

Carenero Island, near Bibi's