At BarrBra’s, we have selected our favorite activities,and we have put them together into one day to make it a unique experience in Bocas del Toro. Indeed, we offer exclusive original tours throughout the archipelago, carefully organized to the delight of our guests. Real nuggets, just for you! Discover the list of 100% BarrBra activities that guarantee you to experience extraordinary moments!

Snorkeling and Red Frog Beach

Here is a tailor-made tour only for our guests at BarrBra! Our “snorkeling special” is our exclusive tour on the whole island, with three snorkeling stops planned just for you. A day full of colors is waiting for you at the surface of the water... In other words, a one hour and a half duration of the wonder of the underwater beauty of Bocas! Your captain drops you off at the marvelous Red Frog Beach for the afternoon for a deserved rest. Restaurants, cocktails, swimming, and relaxation... What could be a better way to end the day?
How to get there: the boat picks you up at home.

Duration: all-day

Price: $45 US per person (minimum two people).
$35 per additional person.
Add $5 for access to Bastimentos National Park, where Red Frog Beach is located.

Kayaking and Bat Cave

Go to the island of Bastimentos to visit the mysterious Nivida cave, also called the Bat cave. The boat picks you up at home and takes you on this first-rate adventure. The BarrBra exclusive? Your captain has brought kayaks aboard his "lancha". You disembark in the middle of the water and navigate freely through the small river going up to the indigenous village of the Ngöbé-Buglé Community. Your cruising then takes on a whole new dimension, immersed in the silence of the tropical rainforest while crisscrossing the mangroves growing more and more narrow as you go further... A unique way to discover the surrounding nature in a mystical atmosphere.
Included: boat transport with use of the kayak and entrance to the cave
Duration: 4 hours
Price: $80 (price per person - minimum of two people)

Jungle Tour

Irvin (call him Titi!) is our referenced guide to discover the lush jungle and wild beaches of Bastimentos. Nothing better than being initiated by a local guide in love with his island, who spent his childhood exploring its countless trails and discovering (almost) all of its secrets. With the "Jungle Titi Tour", you will walk through the Bastimentos Island Maritime National Park, which covers an area of 132 square kilometers of land and sea, or about 6.6% of the total area of the archipelago.
The excursion starts at 10:30 am. Go to Old Bank, a typical Caribbean village with colorful houses. Start a 3-4 hours hike through "Basti". Your route alternates between jungle and beach, alongside Titi, who guides you through the local fauna and flora while making you taste some seasonal tropical fruits found here and there on the way. Your walk takes you to the sublime Red Frog and Wizard Beaches before arriving at Polo Beach. No one other than Mister Polo awaits you with a typical Bocatorean lunch on the beach (dinner for Quebecers). Polo Beach will seduce both snorkeling lovers and professional nappers (imagine yourself for a moment laying in a hammock, facing a turquoise sea, a freshly opened coconut in your hand). Around 4:00 pm, after this well-deserved little break, you leave for an additional hour of walking before taking the water taxi around 5:30 pm to get back to Old Bank. This sporty, adventurous excursion is full of beautiful surprises!
Notice to amateurs: Bastimentos is a magnificent and wild island. However, venturing there alone can be dangerous. Getting lost in the primary jungle or swept offshore by coastal currents can quickly turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. We do not recommend going for a random walk without a guide.
Note: A pair of all-terrain shoes is necessary, as well as sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
Duration: 6 hours
Price: $60 (price per person - minimum of four people)

Enjoy a Summer Day Tour

Explore an unforgettable summer day with  Barrbra BnB!

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Hospital Point on Solarte Island during an unparalleled snorkeling session.

Discover the lush jungle of Solarte, a true haven of biodiversity.

Indulge in a delicious meal at Bibis on Carenero Island, with a special 15% discount on your entire bill.

To top it all off, treat yourself to an idyllic relaxation moment on the beautiful beach of Carenero.

And the best part? Our boat will pick you up directly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Let yourself be pampered from start to finish and get ready to engrave unforgettable memories with "Enjoy a Summer Day," exclusive to Barrbra BnB! 🌴☀️ Book now for a perfect day bathed in Caribbean sunshine.

Price: $30 USD (per person - minimum two persons)

Choupouloupouloupoulou Tour

You asked us for it, and we created it for you.

Monkey Island, Paradise Beach, and Sloths

Enjoy a day of unforgettable discoveries: meet different varieties of monkeys, discover a paradise beach, and observe sloths.

1. Monkey Island: An Captivating Adventure
Upon arrival, discover the playful nature of the monkeys that will come to play alongside you. Learn the captivating story of a dedicated Québécoise who created a refuge for Panamanian monkeys. Watch these adorable creatures move with agility around you, for an immersive and memorable experience.

2. Next, explore Zapatilla Island, a haven of peace with fine sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and majestic palm trees. Spend two hours relaxing in this earthly paradise, an idyllic getaway where time seems to stand still.

We recommend preparing a small picnic that you can enjoy on Zapatilla Island. We have a cooler and ice available for free to enhance your day.

3. Meeting the Sloths.
On the way back, take a break to observe the adorable sloths peacefully resting in the trees around you. It's the perfect opportunity to capture unique moments with these fascinating creatures and make your day unforgettable.

Departure by boat from "BarBara" at 9 a.m.
Experience on Monkey Island from 10 a.m. to noon.
Lunch break. Exploration of Zapatilla Island from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Return to "BarBara" at 4 p.m.

Rate of $65 per person / minimum of 4 persons.
The price includes round-trip boat transportation with BarBara and entry to Monkey Island.

This tour is reservable until 6 p.m. the day before.