your home away from home

HOW TO GET HERE, the easy WAY!

BarrbraBnB has only been open since March 2016. It is possible that the taxi driver will not know the location.

We suggest that you to do a screen shot. Until you get here, you won't have any Wi-Fi to refer to it. Don't look for an address, you won't find any, there are none in this part of town ! When you arrive in Panama, you can reach us by phone. Sometimes, the cellular connection doesn't work, you are in Panama!!! loll Don't panic, just keep trying and if it's not successful, ask someone to use a local phone to call us.

BarrbraBnB is located 4 minutes by taxi from town, the taxi fee is $1/per person. From the airport, the fee is $2/per person.  Ask the taxi driver to drop you at PUNTA CARACOL DOCK or if he doesn't know where it is, you can ask for CHALET TIO JUAN near Tony's Market (at the end of the street) 

1. Once you get at the punta caracol dock, get out of the taxi, and take the paved walkway on your left.

2: Go straight ahead until the end of the path. There is a large sign there, continue, then you will be in front of a grey house.

3: Turn to your right, and then left right away, to pass in front of the little blue house that you will find to your right.

4: After passing in front of the blue house you turn to your right and you will be on the dock.

5: Once you are on the dock keep to your left, go straight ahead until the end of the dock You will find BarrbraBnB to your right.

6. Welcome Home!!

we are waiting for you!!