The beaches of Bocas Del Toro are beautiful, fascinating and unique. There is a beach for all tastes here, peaceful, fun, beautiful, tranquil, adventurous and secluded on the archipelago. The vegetation bordering these beaches is mainly made up of small plants, shrubs and trees, jungle or rainforest.You will find wonderful beaches on the main island Isla colon, Isla Carenero, Isla Bastimentos, as well as both Zapatillas Islands the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago. You can leave directly from the house by boat to go anywhere in the archipelago. The bus is a 5 minute walk from the house.

Bocas del Drago beach / Colon island: On the same coast as Playa Estrella, Bocas del Drago is the small village where the buses will drop you off. Much less crowded than playa Estrella and with a bit more waves. A few restaurants and bars await you there. Bocas del Drago will charm you with its calm and beauty.

How to get there:
Electric bike: (my favorite) for a day trip.The path to return is simply magnificent. You will come across different animals and the vegetation is superb. (4h $ 25 / day $ 40)
By bike (for people in good shape, because of the hilly braid): 1h30
By bus: 45 minutes, $ 5 round trip
By boat from the house: $ 20 per person round trip (min 2 pers.)
By Taxi: $ 30 round trip
No entry fee


Starfish Beach / Colon island: The most typical of the beaches of Bocas. This small beach without waves is simply magical. You can sip your coconut rum served directly in its nut sitting in the water surrounded by starfishes. Several restaurants and bars with music await you. The beach can be noisy and very busy on weekends.

How to get there:
First you need to get to Bocas del Drago. Do not hesitate to walk from Bocas del Drago to Playa Estrella. The path bordering the sea and the jeugle is one of the most beautiful that I have seen in Bocas. Tiny beach waiting for you for a dip and above all keep an eye out there are dolphins regulated nearby (recommended).
You can also take a water taxi: 2 minutes from Bocas del Drago

Bluff Beach/ Colon island: Do you like walking on a virgin beach? Bluff is for you. This beach is simply spectacular and touching. More than 7 km of virgin beach. Favorite surfers' bluff. Do not go there for a swim, the currents are violent. The natural beauty of this beach will amaze you.

How to get there:
By bike: 30 minutes (recommended)
Electric bike: 20 minutes (4h $ 25 / day $ 40)
By bus: 40 minutes, $ 7 round trip
By Taxi: $ 30 round trip
No entry fee

Carenero Island Beach's: At your descent from la lancha you will already be seduced by the colors of the turquoise water. The captain will drop you off on a long dock leading to the beach. A very small beach that is really too friendly and lively. A few restaurants are located there. I advise you to walk about ten minutes on the beach to discover another beautiful little beach. The vegetation is magnificent and unique. A few minutes from lancha downtown Bocas.

How to get there:
By boat: 15 minutes from the house, $ 5 per person. (min 2 pers.) (recommended)
By boat:2 minutes from downtown Bocas, $ 2 per pers.
No entry fee.


Red Frog Beach / In the nationale park of Bastimento: One of the archipelago's most popular beaches, and with good reason. You will have to cross the jungle on a well-groomed and safe trail. Take the time to look around. You will come across sloths, parrots, caimans and a huge variety of trees, shrubs and plants. You will hear the waves calling you there for a swim. Warning ! Waves can be dangerous, always check the flag indicating dangerousness. Red Frog is huge. You want to spend the day alone or with friends at the beach in your little corner? No problem. Red Frog offers a multitude of places to recharge your batteries. You will also find a few restaurants and bars.

How to get there:
By boat: 15 minutes from the house, $ 16 per person round trip (min 2 people) (recommended)
By boat: 10 minutes from downtown Bocas, $ 12 to $ 16 per person round trip (min 2 people)
Entrance fee is $ 5 per person.

Zapatilla Island / In the nationale park of Bastimento: I was touched and amazed at the first minute when I saw from the lancha these two magnificent islands planted in the middle of nowhere, it offers you breathtaking scenery. You cannot tell your friends that you have visited Bocas del Toro if you have not seen Isla Zapatilla.
You must take a tour to go there. Tours include dolphin, sloth, starfish and snorkeling tours. Several companies offer day packages. However, I regularly organize tours for my clients. Fewer people in the boats and more personalized with the best captains of the archipelago.

How to get there:
By boat: full day, from the house $ 25 to $ 35 per person. (recommended)
By boat: full day, from downtown Bocas. $ 25 to $ 45 per person (prices vary depending on the number of people on the boat)
The fees are 25$ by boat (max 7 persons)